Monday, May 24, 2010

Peace Day

Grom's school celebrates Peace Day / Earth Day.
Neither of these have been big causes of celebration in the past, but this year...

We celebrated with Grom as he was named the boy Pax Leader for Kindergarten.

The teachers choose Pax Leaders from their classrooms.
Grom was the first Pax Leader chosen back in August.

It's great to know that his attitude and behavior persisted through the school year.
He was so proud of the award he received.

Pax Leaders are chosen for their efforts to make the school
a better, safer and more peaceful place.
They are helpful, seek guides for problems, and encourage their classmates.

He was so happy the girlies came.

Surferman and I are so proud of Grom.
We see Jesus in him.


  1. That's so great, congrats to Grom!

  2. I love seeing Jesus in my kids. Isn't that the most important thing we can teach them?