Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flippin' Fun

Boys Level A! I had my sister's super camera and got some fun shots. The pictures still are fantastic, but for photos taken from the parent observation deck at a very big gym they are good.

Grom and his buddy Eli have been doing gymnastics for quite a while - years. We expect Grom to be as tall as Surferman, so we know there are no gymnastic gold medals in his future. I think it's beneficial for coordination, strength and following directions.

Each week, they rotate through some of the Men's Events - floor exercise, rings, giant bar, pommel horse, vault, parallel bars.

Elias does a mean cartwheel

Backward rolls for the floor exercise.
(Do not call it a somersault)

Practicing handstands,


and scissor kicks.

Practicing pommel horse mounts...

and dismounts.

These boys have a lot of fun.

Coach Allie is great.
She keeps them safe and doesn't let them get away with misbehavior.

And she's really good at throwing them into the pit at the end of class.

Eli catching big air.

Grom ready for launch...

and orbit.

Eli's mom and I sit and watch.
We both really want to jump into that pit.

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