Saturday, May 22, 2010

Grom and the T-ball Giants

Grom is enjoying his first season of T-ball.

Coach is teaching them to play baseball.
He's great. Very patient and motivating.

Grom's game face

Batter up!

(remember to keep your eye on the ball)


They've started the "coach pitch" part of the season.
Each player gets pitches from their coach
and if they don't get a hit, out comes the tee.
Every player gets to hit each inning.

When Grom is hitting off the tee,
he addresses the ball like he's teeing off for golf.
He's been getting some golf lessons with Grandpa.
I think the skills for each are getting confused.

I should warn you that there are quite a few pictures.
I borrowed my sister's fancy smancy DSLR
and had a lot of fun and got some fun shots.
Now I want a DSLR.

He's running so fast, his feet aren't touching the ground.

SAFE... maybe.
They don't play outs (I think it's ridiculous, but don't get me started).

Where's Surferman?
Oh... I see him. He's chatting in the outfield.

Celebrating at third.

Skipping home.
Grom has become quite a skipper.
He's fast and when he's having a lot of fun and not concentrating to hard,
I catch him skipping instead of running.

When they practiced running the bases,
Coach had them yell out the number of each base when they hit it.
Grom still does it even during games.
I love hearing him yell, "HOME".

Taking the field... ready position.

When the ball gets hit, it's mayhem.
It usually gets by the fielder and then EVERYbody runs after it.

And then... there is no one to throw it to.

This time, the play was at third.
Grom is scooping the ball off the ground to make the play.

Yer OUT!
Wait... we don't play outs.
Everyone wins! (sheesh)

It's a Beautiful Day for a Ballgame,
for a ballgame, today.
The fans are out to get a ticket or two
From Walla Walla, Washington to Kalamazoo

It's a beautiful day for a home run
But even a triple's okay
We're gonna cheer
And boo
And raise a hallabaloo
At the ballgame, today!