Saturday, May 22, 2010

DONE #24. Get passport for Grom

1 phone 0 number 1

letter T O Dd O S

Grom can finally leave the country. Surferman and I have been talking about getting him one since it became required to go to even Canada or Mexico. Getting his passport is actually a hold over from the first list. We just never got to the last step.

We got the pictures taken. I picked up the forms. The pictures and forms got put into a pile somewhere.

Then we figured out last week, that Grom's summer plans include a jaunt into Canada with his Grandparents. We joked about having him hide under blankets, but decided it was best to just get the job done.We payed the stupid tax of expediting and should have it in time for his trip to the Great White North. It's about time.

4 done... 97 to go.

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