Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thunks - 1/29/09

1. Have you ever felt alone, but yet there are people around you?
My parents have taken Grom on vacation a few times. Sometimes Surferman and I get to where we are being alone together - just not connecting. I usually don't let it last very long.

2. Do you have any video game consoles? Which ones?

3. Do you freak out at food warnings/outbreaks, such as the recent peanut butter salmonella scare?
I don't freak out. I think about what products I might have and see if I'm effected. It's very matter of fact, not hysterical.

4. What color/pattern is your beds' comforter/bedspread?
Right now we have a blue and orange quilt (broken dishes) on our bed. Our sheets are navy, rose and maroon. The comforters is tangerine sherbet colored.

5. How many windows do you have in your house?
My home is not normal. It's big, but has small rooms. Believe it or not we have 35 windows. That doesn't count doors with windows in them.

6. Name six things that are in your bathroom.
I'm going to try to come up with things that might not be in yours.
  • 1 oak dresser
  • 2 fake plants
  • 3 toothbrushes
  • 4 Harbor Freight catalogs
  • 5 headbands (love a good headband)
  • 6 or more african violets

7. How big is your garage? Should it be bigger?
We don't have a garage. We have an almost falling down, semi-enclosed, metal roofed utility room. It is our laundry room, pantry and storage. No cars. I would love to tear it down and turn it into a proper garage or even a car port, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

8. Got your taxes done yet?
nope. Don't have my W-whatever yet, so I can't even think about it.

9. Think of a mental disorder..... why did you think of that particular one?
Schizophrenia. A good friend was affected by schizophrenia for a good part of her life. She live in perpetual hope that the next new drug would be the one that really helped.

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  1. 1) I have mastered alone in a crowd..
    2) Nope
    5)14 windows - small house
    6)Wedding pictures, extra picture frames
    7)2 car garage. No cars in it, just tools, strollers, wagons, bikes etc.
    8) Not yet, waiting for one form.

  2. I listed things I didn't think most people had in their bathrooms too. Have a great Thursday!

  3. I have window envy... really.

    Happy Thursday!

  4. 35 windows? Holy heck! I'd be paranoid walking around naked LOL

  5. Hey Robin! You won the header giveaway. I emailed you!