Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thursday Thunks - 4/8/09

Thursday Thunk is a blogging meme that gives you something to blog about. I joined to add to the biographical quality of my blog. Think of it as another way to get to know me.

1. What was the last thing you ate?
Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. I won't say how much of the carton I ate.

2. I say the color purple.. what do you think of?
Peggy Pottenger. It's her favorite color and I miss her a bit.

3. Lamps or ceiling lights?
ceiling lights with wall switches.

4. What color rabbit is your favorite?
fluffy white rabbits

5. Your car breaks down on a deserted road and your cell phone has no signal - what do you do?
Start walking in whatever direction I think will get me reception.

6. What is one thing most of your friends do online that you just can't understand the fascination and do not participate in?
Facebook. I don't get collecting plants, taking quizes and poking.
I also don't online role playing games like WOW or whatever.

7. What do you need right now?
I probably don't need anything. I have a lot of wants. I would like Grom to feel better. I would like a getaway with Surferman. I would like a foot massage. I would like...

8. And your most serious injury you've had was....?
Probably from my c-section to birth Grom. It was worth it.

9. What is the most evil thing you've ever done?
The most evil things I've done in my mind. I often struggle with being compassionate. It's easier for me to be legalistic and seek justice instead of mercy. Oh the things I've thought! Fortunately I don't act.

10. Give us some random facts about you.
I moved to Tennessee when I graduated from college.
I have really big feet.
I'm afraid I'll find a dead body in the dumpster at church.

1 comment:

  1. that part about the body is funny...only because i can totally see how you would be afraid of that...

    you have a hilarious imagination robin :)

    ah, quaint little morro bay.