Saturday, April 04, 2009

Thursday Thunks - 4/4/09

So it's Saturday... send the Thursday Thunks police.

Thursday Thunk is a blogging meme that gives you something to blog about. I joined to add to the biographical quality of my blog. Think of it as another way to get to know me.

1. Did you play any April Fools jokes on anyone or have a joke played on you?
Nope. Not this year.

2. If you could be on any non-reality TV show as a guest star or star, which one would it be and why?
ER. Probably because it's fresh on my mind and the series finale was a couple of days ago. I watched it all the way through. It was quite a show. I could be a patient.

3. Do you crack your knuckles?
No. Yuck.

4. If you remember your first day of kindergarten, were you scared or excited? If you have kids or grandkids, were they scared or excited?
I don't remember my first day of kindergarten. Grom will be stating kindergarten in the fall. If he goes to school I'm sure I'll let you all know how his first day went.

5. If you are in the shower, hear the fire alarm going off and smell smoke/see flames, will you just run out of the house with a towel on or grab some clothes & dress as you run out?
I keep clothes (at least a robe) in the bathroom so I'd get my clothes on before I ran out.

6. Last week the Thursday Thunkers asked about your Daddy (twice), so this week tell us a little about your Mom.
My mom is great. She is creative and loving and generous.

7. Which search engine do you use most often?
I am the self-appointed Queen of the Google search. I can get the answer to most any question rather quickly and can always find a great deal on whatever crazy thing I need to buy for work. Last week it was glow sticks.

8. Did you participate in Earth Hour?

9. What was the last new-to-you movie you watched? Was it in the theater or on DVD? Was it
Made of Honor. We "watched it now" on Netflix. I couldn't get past the fact that they were trying to shave 10+ years off Patrick Dempsey and that the coffee sleeve was invented after I'd been using them for years.

10. If you do something embarrassing, do you laugh it off, or sit & worry about it?
Laugh it off.

11. Where is your favorite spot in your home to sit & relax?
Probably in our front room on a red leather couch with a decaf latte.

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