Saturday, April 04, 2009

Simple Mom for a simple mom who loves Crocs

I follow a lot of blogs. Maybe too many, but who's to say...

One of my favorites is Simple Mom. Her tag line is "Live simply, stay sane. Life hacks for home managers". In my feed reader, I mark posts that I want to come back to and reread. I have 39 blog posts from Simple Mom to come back to. She is that good.

She is celebrating the 10,000 subscriber milestone this week with a Crocs giveaway.

Truth me told, I get an extra entry in the giveaway if I blog about it. I want to win me some Crocs. Grom just broke the back strap on his favorite orange pair and Momma can always use a new pair of shoes.

So whether you think Crocs are the ugliest things you've ever seen (because you've only seen the style they sell at Costco) or if you are as enamored with these comfortable shoes as I am, go check out Simple Mom and enter to win. If you can't bear to wear them, you know who you can pass your prize onto... ME!

photo by martineno

If all these pretty colors don't make you smile...

If I don't win, I hope you do. Although with 10 prizes we both could win.

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