Saturday, June 16, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Lara the Lazy Organizer hosts Smart Habit Saturdays. It has been really motivating to me and has encouraged me to work on some improvements in my life.

I'm adding a new habit this week even though I have had stellar results with my habit from last week. My habit last week was to be in bed with the lights out by 11 pm. Well... I was in bed by 11 pm each of the nights, but not with lights off.

The habit I'm setting next should help me be better about my last habit. To be successful, I'll have to get to bed.

Habit 4 - Daily, early morning devotion time. I want to be out of bed at 5:45 am every morning for 45 minutes with my Lord for reading of the Word, prayer and book study.

Continuing with
Habit 3 - Lights out by 11 pm nightly.
Habit 2 - Drink 3 qts of water daily. Baby stepping is working! Increasing to 2 qts/ day this week.
Habit 1 - Wash my face every night. On track - almost a habit!


  1. That's a great habit - I hope to do the same once I finally finish studying this year - I have the 'getting up early' habit in place, but I would rather be reading something other than law books!!! (Hopefully the internet would not be as a big a distraction from prayer as it is from study!)

  2. great habits. good luck this week.

  3. I think I will have to try baby stepping my bedtime goal too - thanks for the idea.

    Have a great week of starting the days off right.

  4. Wonderful habit! Good luck to you this week! Thanks for the reminder with my habit. :D

  5. Sounds like you're doing good with your habits! Keep up the good work. I like the habit you've set for this week. I know that for me, my time with the Lord studying His word really only happens if I get up before the kids get started.

  6. Getting up that early should definitely help you get to bed earlier =). I need your water habit.

  7. Good luck with your getting up early. Another good reason, besides not being tired, to spend time with the Lord. I hope that feels like your "downtime," and you are refreshed. I pray I will be able to do the early morning one of these days.

    But I dont think I will be trying to start that habit for awhile =).