Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Done - #14 Take a weekend camping trip.

I was inspired by the wonderful and romantic picture that Everyday Mommy posted from their camping trip.

I'm really bad about taking pictures. I let so many wonderful moments slip away.

It's not wonderful or romantic, but here's our rig.

And here's a little boy that had fun camping and getting really dirty.

I'll work on a wonderful and romantic picture next time. And this crosses #14 off my list.


  1. Boys and camping...the two just go together! Blessings.
    Glad you stopped by my blog..

  2. Just remember that you can't take pictures with you when you go to heaven =). I am equally bad at taking pictures, and keep debating about getting a video camera. Sometimes I wish I had pictures of certain things, though.

    The best moments are the ones we can just enjoy, and treasure in our hearts. Too much time behind a camera, takes away from the moment.