Saturday, June 09, 2007

Daily Bible Reading - Luke 9-10

Luke 9-10

Pardon me while I chew and chew and chew. These were a couple of very meaty chapters.

It's the height of Jesus' ministry; a lot is going on.

What stood out in these chapters during this reading was how Jesus sent out disciples on two different occasions. First he sent out 12. He empowered them to cast out demons and heal illness. He gave them directions to take nothing on their journey, to rely on the kindness of strangers, to trust God and His provision. Later he sends out 72. He gives them similar instructions but also commands them to be focused to stay on the job at hand.

It makes me think about my life and how bogged down with stuff I often feel and how that stuff takes my time and energy.

It makes me think about hospitality and being more inviting.

It makes me think about being faithful to the Lord.

It makes me think.

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