Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday - Fast Face Washing

One of the items on my list of 101 Things to Do
is to wash my face every night for 30 days. I started tackling it through Smart Habit Saturday hosted by The Lazy Organizer.

I'm a night owl and often don't have the good sense to go to bed. By the time I start heading that way, I'm exhausted. My face usually gets neglected, but not anymore. I've been working on establishing the habit of washing my face every night. It's working.

One thing I have found that helps are those premoistened facial wipes. The brand I bought from Costco is Ponds.

I wouldn't use them every night but they sure do the job when I haven't had the sense to get to bed before I was too tired to get to bed.

Works for Me!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! We get most of our groceries from Costco. I'll make ure I add this one in the cart next time we go :)

  2. I keep babywipes on my bedside table for the same purpose!!rl

  3. I love these - just started using this same brand. It does make it easier.