Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Daily Bible Reading - 2 Samuel 15-19

I'm 136 days into reading the Bible in a year. I'm enjoying it but sometimes it seems to be a chore or thing that I have to do before I can go to sleep.

Surferman and I are making a real effort to get to bed a bit earlier and get up quite a bit earlier. My goal is to get my assignment for the day done before I start my day. I hope to spend the day meditating on and considering what I read and then post something about it here.

I'll continue to read daily, but plan to post my thoughts every other day. I pray it's a blessing.

2 Samuel 15-19

Absalom versus King David. Son versus Father. All the makings of a good night time soap. Loyalties that change like direction of the wind, sex, battle and justice in the end. Maybe I could sell it to NBC?

David's feelings for his son Absalom stood out to me. Instead of fighting, David fled. In battle, David requested that the enemy be spared. Instead of rejoicing in his victory, he focused on his loss.

It speaks to me of parenting issues. Surferman and I often to say to each other, "Who is the parent?" One of us is usually in a situation where we aren't being as firm as we should be, are letting Grom be more independently than he has earned the right to be.

Sometimes I want to flee. Sometimes I don't want to discipline. Sometimes I mourn the hurt Grom experiences from his own disobedience. Lord, keep me from raising an Absalom.

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