Monday, May 07, 2007

Surferman vs The Possum

My husband is a mild (somewhat) mannered guy. He craves a glassy ocean, a good wave and a longboard. Surfing is his passion. It keeps him happy. It keeps him sane.

He is also a true superhero. I thought it was time to share the story of when his true identity was revealed.

A version of this story was originally posted at Frugal-Families August 2003.
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For a couple of days, I kept smelling something funky when I lay down to sleep at night. Husband adamantly denied that it was him.

Finally we discovered what it was...

One night, we were happily sleeping. Husband woke up because he heard something outside. Only, it wasn't outside! Instead the blasted thing was IN our room! It was huge. It had to weigh 50 lbs and was half the size of a VW bug. THE POSSUM was in our bedroom! I think the vile beast broke in and was living under our bed for a couple of days. He was sneaking out of our room at night, eating the cat's food and devising evil plans.

This is the 4th time Surferman has had to battle The Possum. But the first time the battle was in our ROOM!

I'm proud to say that Surferman is still UNDEFEATED!!!

Husband (from here on out to be referred to by his superhero name- Surferman) was valiant and brave. He chased the darn thing all over our room. We were both safely on top of the bed (yelling and screaming) and had sticks, brooms and other grabbers.

The Possum was discovered in the closet. Knowing he was no match for Surferman, The Possum promptly ran under the bed, then behind the entertainment center, then under the bed, and then back to the entertainment center. Surferman was almost beat.

Finally through crafty strategy, The Possum was cornered. Surferman grabbed The Possum with his super secret and fully loaded ROBO gripper and flung the hissing beast out the door. I yelled for him to never come back and to tell all his friends about Surferman.

Peace and calm were returned to the sanctuary of slumber. Surferman changed out of his cape, and we were able to get back to sleep. You should see how cute he looks with those long board shorts over his tights.

One last thing....

That whole "playing possum" thing is bogus. They are quick things.

And I'm happy to report that The Possum has never been back.

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  1. Oh my! That is too funny. I've never heard of a possum moving in before!!!