Friday, May 25, 2007

Daily Bible Reading - Jeremiah 42-46

Jeremiah 42-46

The Friday Bible reading is the hardest for me. It's like hitting a brick wall at the end of my week. The assignments are longer and I don't have the familiarity with the Prophets that I have with the rest of the Bible. I will be very glad to be done with Jeremiah next week. I pray that my attitude would adjust and that I'd start the book of Lamentations with an open heart and mind. It sounds funny to pray to be joyful about reading a book called Lamentations, but that is really what I want.

What struck me today in the reading was the fickleness of the people. They ask Jeremiah to talk to God and that they'll do whatever God says. Immediately upon hearing God's words, they call Jeremiah a liar, do what they want to do, and suffer the exact consequences that God promised.

Lord, when I read Your word and know Your heart, let me listen and obey. Remove any fickleness in me. Amen

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  1. I have to admit that I skipped Jeremiah. I tried to kind of catch up and then read 42-46 but found it a lost cause. I figure I will come back.

    What diapers did you use with your little Grom? I am looking to either buy some or try to make my own. I use the distilled water because I read that it helps the solution to last longer, keeping it from mildewing. That is what I read so I figured I was use it. I really love using homemade wipes rather than the store bought.