Monday, May 28, 2007

DONE- #97 Send a care package to a soldier in Iraq

Dear Soldier,

Today, as I write this letter, is Memorial Day. Many Americans are celebrating the start of summer. It's a weekend of fun, food and good times. I would guess that many Americans don't think about why they get this day off of work, they don't think about the men and women who have bravely served - then and now. I hope that with this letter and box, you feel honored, appreciated, supported and loved.

I had a very good friend who lived to 104 who served in World War I. Both of my grandfathers served in World War II. A couple of uncles served in Vietnam and a cousin is home now after a tour in Iraq. He expects to return to Iraq before too long. These brave men, have taught me to honor and respect our soldiers. This gift is a token of that respect. I hope that it's encouraging to you that they each made it home safe. I pray that you make it home safe.

I am privileged to write this letter on behalf of my family. Most every Sunday, four generations of us gather for family dinner. There is my mother and father, Crazy Knitter and The Boss. My grandmother just turned 90. My sister Queen Bee and her husband Rip as well as my husband Surferman and our son Grom. I've enclosed a photo of us. (Nicknames inserted for webprivacy - these aren't our real names - real names will be used in the letter sent).

When the opportunity to pack a box to send to you was presented to me at church, I decided to take the idea to my family. There was no arm twisting, no talking into - just an enthusiastic desire to bless you. We each contributed to the things in your box. We hope you can use them, enjoy them, or trade them for something you might like more. We tried to keep things practical, but hope that you also find a little joy and happiness in this box.

My son Grom is almost 3. We had a great time going through the store choosing things for in your box. He chose the cookies and wanted to get you a bag of little firemen. While the firemen might have been fun, I wanted to use the limited space for useful stuff. He drew the picture for you. He is at a stage where he asks "Why?" constantly. He kept asking me why we were buying things for a soldier. I'm not even sure he understands or knows what a soldier is. I wish you could've heard our conversation. It went something like this...

We're packing a box of things for a soldier in Iraq.
Because we want to bless him.
Because he is far from home and we want him to know that people appreciate him.
He is doing a hard job
He is trying to make the lives of a lot of people better
That's what he does
It's the kind of person he is
That's the way God made him. Do you think he'd like a Cliff Bar?
Yes, Apricot's me favorite.
We'll send Apricot then.

We are grateful for you. Thank you for your service to our country. Thank you for the sacrifices you and your family have made in order for you to be a Marine. We know your job is hard. We can only imagine what your time in Iraq is like. Keep your head up. God bless you.

Please know that we thank God for you, that we ask Him to protect you, to comfort you, to guide you and to show you His love. While we hope that the things in this box meet some of your needs, but hope you know that Jesus is ALL that you need.

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  1. That is a beautiful and funny letter! I have been excited to do this, but it just keeps getting put off. Thanks for inspiring me to finally get a box done, and to write a good letter!!