Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Daily Bible Reading - 1 Kings 1-4

1 Kings 1-4

David is old and cold.
*Abishag to the rescue.
Adonijah has ideas of who should be King - himself.
David names Solomon as his successor.
King Solomon cleans house
Solomon asks for wisdom
A baby isn't cut in two
A king lives high on the hog (well probably not hog - he likely kept Kosher)

Want to read along with me? Kelli pointed me to a great Bible reading plan. It's never to late to start reading God's Word. If you start reading let me know

* Reading about Abishag tonight reminded me of a dear friend. I met Don when he was 101 years young. He was a character and I had the honor of being his friend until he went to be with the Lord at the salty age of 104. I gave him a lap quilt that I made the last Christmas that he celebrated. I named it "Abishag" because it, like this woman was designed to keep an old, cold man warm. He didn't get the reference (who would, it's rather obscure) when I told him, so I read the passage to him. He laughed and said he's rather have Bathsheba.

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