Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday - keeping track of the dishwasher

We have two dishwashers. How it came to be is not a very interesting story, but for the record I know how fortunate I am. I count them as two of my many blessings. Two dishwashers can contribute to confusion though... which one is clean? which one is dirty? etc.

Poor people with only one dishwasher struggle with this too I'm sure. It's just a double problem for our home.

I've seen those ugly CLEAN/DIRTY magnets. There had to be another way. I looked to our refrigerator and found our repro Duke Kahanamoku magnets. Duke's the Ambassador of Surfing don'tcha know. Combine that with my handy, dandy label maker and voila! Problem solved!

Since I used different wording on each of them, I decided to keep the meanings consistent. If the dishwasher is clean - Duke is upright happily catching a ride. If the dishwasher is dirty - He's wiped out.

It's silly, but it works for me.

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