Sunday, October 17, 2010


We are in the middle of Grom's first season of soccer. He's done drill training before, but this is his first team. He's the youngest and smallest of the kids on his team. All the other kids are 7 year olds. His coach is very encouraging and fair.

My handsome boy

Gogo helps with coaching and made the team picture. He's on the right end.

Do you see the team name? Yep... Ninja Kittens... ridiculous. Six and seven year olds shouldn't name themselves. Grom had a few good ideas, but he couldn't get them considered. After a good cry, we are all doing better at accepting this silly name. Ninja Kittens ROCK!

Here are some shots from a Saturday morning.


an alert and ready defender


giving the ball a boot


four Ninja Kittens and no other players... hmmm


an atta boy from Coach


water break


looking for an open teammate


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