Friday, April 30, 2010

Tollipop's Hypothetical Friday

I've shared my admiration of Kristen and her Tollipop blog. Lately she has blogged about hypothetical questions that she shares with her daughters. She shared some with us today and they were so much fun that I had to answer. Her words are in italics.

1. Would you rather have a fantasy art studio stocked with every supply (in colors and mediums never before conceived!), lots of space, natural light, big tables, cozy chairs, and windows that look out on a beautiful scene, or would you rather have a fantasy atelier, with a magical sewing machine that could help you create every fashion you've ever wanted, in a fit that is perfect for you (or others, if you are sewing for someone else). The atelier comes stocked with wondrous fabrics, is also bright and spacious, with windows looking out on something that captures your imagination.
both - I maintain that a fantasy art studio with every supply would have to include fabrics and skill. And if it came with a clock that made time stand still... ahhh

2. Would you rather have a teacup rabbit or a tiny white owl?
a tiny white owl

3. Would you rather have the ability to summon an amazing bedtime story whenever you wanted to hear one, or would you rather summon a walk on a beautiful, secret path (with the weather and season of your choice) that always leaves you feeling better when you reach your destination?
I'd choose the walk. My first would be on a tropical beach. I'd have a flower in my hair.

4. If you could wish for something lovely to happen to someone this weekend, who would the lucky recipient be?
very hard to choose...
Tobi, because she's leaving the country soon,
Any of the moms of the 2009 crop of babies, because that first year is hard,
Surferman, because he rocks,
Erika, because she's Erika.
I pray lovely things for each and every one of them.

5. Would you rather be a crazy fast runner or a crazy fast swimmer?
crazy fast runner - I don't run.

6. Would you like the ability to have a wonderful, restful sleep each night, or would you like to have an Olympic hopeful metabolism that does a spectacular job of keeping up with all the yummy things there are to eat?
you have to ask? the metabolism of course. I'd eat chocolate and cheese puffs and steak and... everyday.

Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with good things to eat, people who love you, and that you see the moon hanging like a pearl from the sky...

I told you they were a fun bunch of questions.

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  1. Atelier is my new word of the day. Although it may take longer to remember how to pronounce it.