Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daybook April 20, 2010

FOR TODAY - Tuesday April 20, 2010

Outside my window... it's dark. We traveled home from Southern California. We went down to see our Pastor and his family off at the airport. They are were leaving for London today. The volcano has affected their plans. Pray for peace for them in the meantime and wisdom in the decisions they are going to have to make.

I am thinking... about dinner tomorrow night. No plan... yikes!

I am thankful for... a friend and my folks who took care of Grom while we were out of town. And Grom's gratefulness. We brought him a Camelback water bottle as his gift. I saw a flash of disappointment on his face when he recognized that it wasn't a toy. He recovered so quickly that I don't think anyone else noticed and figured out that he got his first "adult" water bottle.

From the learning rooms... I missed Monday and Tuesday. My parents have been watching Grom. I don't really know what's going on with school. It's a weird feeling. We do have some stuff to do for Kids Club tomorrow.

From the kitchen... nothing. We've been eating out a lot. I'm ready to detox from food.

I am wearing...beige tee shirt and blue pajama pants - yep, I'm ready for bed.

I am creating... decorating and design plans for our new bedroom and bathroom. I have the counter top chosen and think I like the tiles we are thinking for the shower. Past that... still need carpet, plumbing hardware and more.

I am going... to keep on... everything. I'm not done. I'm never done.

I am reading... I gave up on Green. Started the next Yada Yada book and thanks to a lot of time in the car the past few days I'm about half done and really want to finish. There are also some audio books to listen to - Seth Godin and a Sue Grafton mystery.

I am hoping... to finish this quick and get to bed.

I am hearing... the t.v. All I can say... LOST... wow. I don't think I'm getting it all, but who cares.

Around the house... I'll let you know tomorrow. I don't really know. I'm kinda out of it.

One of my favorite things... brushing my teeth in the shower. I get started as the water is warming up. One of the best parts of my shower.

Vocabulary word of the week:
scapegrace (n.): a reckless, unprincipled person; one who is wild and reckless; a rascal; a scoundrel.
synonyms: caitiff, miscreant, rapscallion, reprobate, rogue, scamp, scapegrace, scoundrel, trickster, varlet, villain (what a fun list of words that describe bad behaving people)
used in a sentence: It's wonderful when a scapegrace gives his life to the Lord.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Surferman has an appointment with an ENT. We are getting to the bottom of his hearing problem. Other stuff too I'm sure. I'll figure it out tomorrow.

Here is picture I am sharing...
This is the bed we're thinking about. It's an investment. It has 6 drawers under it. It says you can use a box spring with it, but it seems like it might raise it up too much. Thoughts? Anybody not use a box spring?

How you can be praying for me and mine...more and more grace and patience to be poured over our home as our remodeling project continues. for communication. for my discipline and dedication to continue my weight loss. a desire to exercise. for Grom's obedience and listening. for consistency in discipline.

Have a great week. Check out other daybooks at The Simple Woman's Daybook.

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  1. It's been quite some time since I've visited but I've enjoyed catching up in my reader this morning. Thanks for making the whole post available in your feeds. Methinks I started reading you with Susanne's Friday FAVES but perhaps it was Simple Daybook ... I've never joined in Random Dozen but always enjoy the answers participants provide. Congrats on your continued efforts to get rid of weight... and yes ALL 'losses' (no matter how small) are positives to be celebrated! Letting go of your 'Dog' and seeking out a new vehicle adds to the changes of your kitchen renovation ... but exciting as well no doubt. I especially like the way you share new vocabulary words each week ... what a marvelous habit. It reminds me of my Dad who loved that vocabulary page in Readers Digest!
    Hugs and blessings,