Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Daybook March 9, 2010

FOR TODAY... Tuesday March 9, 2010

Outside my window... it's dark. It's been a really long and busy day today.

I am thinking... about Grom's dental appointment on Friday. It's his second trip for some fillings. I'm hoping it will be the last trip for awhile.

I am hearing... the theme song for The Office resonating in my head. Is that an accordion?

I am thankful for... time alone in my minivan. I like driving and it's a great place to think.

I am wearing... yikes! I'm ready for bed. ugly grey work out pants, a tee shirt with the sleeves cut off, a really old blue sweater and my moccasin slippers that are falling apart.

I am remembering... that we need to buy air tickets for the family reunion in North Dakota in June. I need to talk to my parents about their travel plans. They have asked about keeping Grom and camping their way home with him.

I am going... to help with vision screening at Grom's school tomorrow. I guess I did a good job with the dental screening, they asked me to come help again.

I am reading... Where do I go? by Neta Jackson. I'm enjoying it.

I am hoping... my new box of Medifast food comes tomorrow. I'm running out of the things I like. I need my chocolate mint bars and cinnamon pretzels.

On my mind... exercise. I haven't danced with the Wii in a while. I think I want to go for a walk, but I'm finding it hard to make time to do it. Getting out of bed in the morning is really hard.

From the learning rooms... We're still reading the books from the shelf. Our schoolroom is relocating and the huge book shelf is staying in the room. I hope I can find a decent replacement for the new room.

Vocabulary word of the week...

Efface (Verb)
Meaning:Wipe out
Looks Like:Deface (To mar or spoil the appearance or surface; disfigure)
Remember This:A new law is passed to punish those who deface the sound walls and overpasses with graffiti along the freeways.Those who are caught spray painting on the walls will be asked by the Judge of the Juvenile Court to perform the laborious task of wiping out the graffiti completely.

Noticing that... my hands are really dry and it seems I'm gnawing on my fingernails more than I want to. I'm a reformed nail biter.

Pondering these words... "flesh it out". It has flown out of my mouth a few times this week. Don't know what has brought it to my mind. It's means to give an idea substance. It makes me think about my sinful flesh. It's so easy to let a thought to become sin.

From the kitchen... I boiled a dozen eggs tonight. I'm going to make a huge batch of egg salad. I'm hoping Grom will like it.

Around the house... Surferman and I almost have our paper clutter under control. You might have noticed that I didn't post the my end of the organizing challenge. It all didn't go as fast as I thought it would. My studio is getting much better.

One of my favorite things... breakfast for dinner. Tonight I made pancakes, bacon, sausage and fried eggs for everybody. I had eggs, veggie sausage and "hash browned" cauliflower. yum.

A picture to share...
Yesterday I found myself alone at a Starbucks with a whole half of an hour all to myself. It was totally unexpected and quite a blessing. They even had decaf brewed.

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