Saturday, March 20, 2010

DONE #78 - Watch "The Office"

Number 1 zero Educational Brick Number 1

letter T o D oletter S

I had watched The Office a few times and always thought it was dumb and that I didn't get it. A friend encouraged me to give it another try, so I did.

Thankfully Seasons 1-5 are available to watch instantly through Netflix. It's quick viewing. There is no repetition. The Office doesn't remind us of what we just saw right before a commercial so a bunch of episode feel like a movie. I could watch a few while I blogging.

Through five seasons I feel like I know these people. The characters are well and consistently written. I take some objection to the "Christian" character. She has shown herself to be someone who doesn't act very Christ-like. The references to her being a Christian have decreased and I'm ok with that.

I think it's funny that most of the supporting characters have the same name as the actor who portrays them. The show would not be the same without these talented secondary characters.

I thought I was going to get to the wedding of Jim and Pam, but I guess that happens in season 6. So... I went online and saw a few clips, but since I'm out of episodes available to watch on demand I'll have to wait. Hopefully this summer I'll get to watch the current season and then I'll be up to date when the new season starts this fall.

#78 DONE! One down. One hundred to go.

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  1. I LOVE The Office! I agree, so glad they are down playing Angela and the Christian thing. The wedding was my favorite!