Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Face Breakfasts

Grom loves a happy face for breakfast. I wish he always had a happy face for breakfast. I think he might be hypoglycemic when he wakes up. When my sister was little, my mom woke her up with a glass of orange juice. No one was allowed to talk to her until she had finished it. I may try something similar with Grom.

Here are a couple of our latest creations...

Blueberry Swirl bread eye brows, strawberry mouth, (yep that's a) marshmallow nose, cheese cheeks and eye whites with blueberry pupils.

This one was messier. Blueberry yogurt face, granola hair, tortilla circle mouth and cheeks and nose, raisin eye balls, and chocolate covered sunflower seed freckles. I'm not sure what the candied ginger on the mouth is supposed to be. I think they are there just because Grom loves to eat it. It has to be a special treat... otherwise he's eat the bag in a single sitting.

Be happy!

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