Monday, July 20, 2009

Daybook July 20, 2009

FOR TODAY... Monday July 20, 2009

Outside My Window... dark... again.

I am thinking... about trials and good friends that are smack in the middle of them... how I can help... how I can pray.

I am thankful for... church family that comes around those in our midst who need some support. It always reminds me of the story of Moses, Aaron and Hur. The Israelites were victorious as long as Moses' arms were raised. As he tired, Aaron and Hur help Moses by holding up his arms. I love it when the church works that way.

From the kitchen... yummy cheeseburgers. I love a good cheeseburger at home. Surferman is really good at grilling them.

From the schoolroom... Lentil by Robert McCloskey. I hope we can find Grom's harmonica before week is over.

I am wearing... black capris, black and grey flower? print top, flip flops

I am creating... a new washcloth. That's about as exciting as my creativity gets right now.

I am going... to go get a big glass of water with a splash of grapefruit juice... it's quite refreshing. I'm really thirsty.

I am reading... The Master Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini. I'll come back to Wrapped in Rain when I'm done.

I am hoping... that my friend will be home tomorrow with her baby. She has been at the hospital with him forever (since the 6th). They still don't have all the answers they need. Pray they would have some time at home before having to go at it again. Pray that their medical team would figure out what is going on. Pray for his healing.

I am hearing... yelling Italian cake bakers.

Around the house... My Aunt and Uncle have been visiting. It's been nice to catch up.

One of my favorite things... Thai Food. I had really yummy Pad Thai from a new restaurant for lunch today. I love the fresh sprouts and cabbage mixed in with each bite of noodles.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Swimming lessons. Grom's 5th birthday! Camping. And all the usual stuff of life.

Here is picture I am sharing...Grandma bought Grom some new footy pajamas. Grom decided Momo needed to wear them. Grom was really proud of swaddle he figured out. Those are the legs of the pjs tied around the bundle.

How you can be praying for me and mine... Surferman whacked himself on the temple with a pipe. Really... that's what happened. If he's told you otherwise... it's a big story. I was no where near. The lump is going down, but the bruise is spreading. The lump and his pride are still tender. Grom is going to be FIVE this week - praise to Him. I want to enjoy our camping trip. To be there with my family, instead of obsessed with my to do list and other stuff.

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