Monday, July 06, 2009

Daybook July 6, 2009

FOR TODAY... Monday July 6, 2009. My sister's 40th birthday.

Outside My Window... it's dark now. It was a beautiful day. Hot enough.

I am thinking... that it's so nice to have some order back in my studio. There are stilll some huge piles of clutter. We're having a garage sale soon. And I have a huge pile of papers to file.

I am thankful for... 120 kids that showed up for VBS even though we only planned for 100.

From the kitchen... easy, easy, easy stuff. Tonight it was leftover sandos and soup.

From the schoolroom... Surferman said we could take the week off due to VBS. However, since we fell short of goals last week with "A Pair of Red Clogs", Grom and I will be doing some make up work.

I am wearing... Can anyone guess? Black capris, white tee, flip flops.

I am creating... well, it's not very creative, but I'm hoping to get through a pile of mending this week.

I am going... to make an appointment for a hair cut for me this week. AND I'm going to get Grom a dentist appointment.

I am reading... Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin. I'm just starting it. I hear it's very good.

I am hoping... for safety and salvation at VBS this week.

I am hearing... a girly moving around a bit via a staticy monitor with a little of Grom's Irish bedtime music softly in the background. It's the result of a work around monitoring system that lets me hear all the sleeping babies at once. For the record... I don't normally listen to my sleeping baby, but I'm on Girly duty tonight.

Around the house... keeping it simple. Just what needs to be done and that's being done with a large measure of grace. VBS is consuming if done well. Oh, and... Surferman is around the house. He's unemployed again.

One of my favorite things... Deadliest Catch. There was a marathon over the weekend. As I went through my studio I watched those guys catch crabs or not catch crabs. It's a simple show, but hard to turn off. I'm ready for a crab feed.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: VBS, VBS, VBS, VBS, maybe a St. Patrick's Day party (yep... in July), helping to feed 1000 hungry runners and hopefully some rest.

Here is picture I am sharing...
Flat Grom from the wall at Montessori. You should be able to recognize him by his orange Crocs.

How you can be praying for me and mine... Surferman's employment situation. Grom's attitude with homeschool. My flexibility. Also pray for our friend Baby Simon who is in the hospital. He's not eating due to a cough that's related to a birth problem with his esophagus (or so they guess).

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