Monday, July 13, 2009

Daybook July 13, 2009

FOR TODAY... Monday July 13, 2009

Outside My Window... a calm, clear, dark night. I always get to this so late.

I am thinking... about schedules and to do lists and organizing and time management. And then there's the whole matter about why I don't like to go to bed at night (even when I know I'm going to pay for it the next day).

I am thankful for... pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream for dinner... especially when someone else cooks and cleans up after.

From the kitchen... veggies, veggies and more veggies. And still cleaning out the freezer. I am starting to see some progress (i.e. it's less full than it was), but there is still a lot to eat out there.

From the schoolroom... We finally finished "A Pair of Red Clogs". This week it's "The Story of Ping". Grom's learning all about China, ducks and other fun things.

I am wearing... black pants and an orange tee. I ditched my flip flops a few minutes ago.

I am creating... I'm just home from Crafty Ladies. I finished a baby gift tonight. I'll post a picture soon.

I am going... to go for a walk this week whether I want to or not. A body in motion stays in motion and I've been a body at rest.

I am reading... "Wrapped in Rain" by Charles Martin. It's a slow read so far. I might be here for a while.

I am hoping... more iron will help my iron deficiency anemia. My doctor just double my dose. Maybe getting the iron in check will help with my tiredness.

I am hearing... the mumble of Surferman's TV and click clack of my keyboard.

Around the house... besides Surferman, I can't think of anything. It's nice to have him home, but this season of unemployment would be a lot easier if I had an inkling of God's plan.

One of my favorite things... cuddling with Grom. I'm not sure why, but he's been more cuddly than usual lately. I'm eating it up while I can. About a week ago, he told me that he loved me and gave me a big kiss. And then, he told me that it was going to start being secret and that I'd only get kisses at home. Poor Mommy.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Session two of swim lessons for Grom, and then all the usual stuff. We need to figure out what we're going to do for Grom's birthday. We have been talking about camping.

Here is picture I am sharing...
Grom and the Eiffel Tower. I guess he did learn something when we rowed Madeline.

How you can be praying for me and mine... direction for Surferman, quietness for Grom (he has become a rather loud child lately... sometimes it hurts my ear drums) and my pursuit of holiness - that I'd want to pursue holiness.

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