Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My kid cracks me up

Both Grom and I are dealing with allergies right now. Don't know what causes them but we both have runny noses and sore throats.

Before bedtime I was giving him a dose of benadryl for his runny nose when he said something about his sore throat. I should've known his throat was hurting, he's been running around the house sounding like an 80 year old man.

I told him to stay still and I'd be back with some tylenol (it really helps me).

When I got back he told me with all seriousness, "Allergies don't make throats sore"

Playing along I asked what did.

"Swallowing swords and knives"

That explains it!


  1. robin, you really shouldnt do your circus sword and knife act around him anymore...i mean REALLY.

    that is so funny robin- what a little gem you have.


  2. Grom reminds me SO MUCH of the little boy I babysit. Forget snakes and snails and puppy dog tails....little boys are made of imagination.