Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Construction Birthday Party

We celebrated Grom's 4th birthday by setting up a construction zone in the front yard and inviting a great crew of workers.

This year Grom wanted 3 year olds invited to his party. He likes to lead and has figured out that younger kids are generally better followers. Good thing his best buddy is 3. I subscribe to the "you can invite the number of kids you are old" guest list idea except that we add "plus one" because someone always seems to be unable to come and when you're little that can be devastating to the festivities. This year our party was an opportunity to invite some kids that we don't know so well.

Surferman was supposed to make another bean bag toss game. It just didn't happen.

I read the book "Trucks at Work"

We had a sandbox and diggers so the workers could dig for treasures from Grom's potty prize basket (one of my many attempts to bribe him to potty train that didn't work).

There was a string maze with a nut that each worker treaded along the route. When the got done they had to find a bolt that their nut fit onto.

Cupcakes (of course) stood in for the traditional birthday cake. I made them to look like rocks and stacked them up in a dump truck for presentation.

I didn't get many pictures. Our guests arrived early and I was a bit pushed from the start. It all worked out and was a very nice afternoon.

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