Thursday, August 14, 2008

Farmer's Market

Most Thursday nights you can find us at Farmer's Market. We have a secret parking place. It's close to the market, free and there is always a spot. Don't ask, I won't tell you where it is.

Our first task is always food. Surferman loves ribs and has a connection (he used to work there) with a local restaurant. It's been at least 15 years since he worked there, but he's still remembered and still treated well. We never know what we're going to get no matter what we order. Always so much food. We try to figure out what to order so that we don't get too much food but it never works. It's less of a concern now with Grom being the rib lover that he is. He ate 2 whole beef ribs today.

After we eat, Grom gets some time in the bounce house. It's terribly boring for me. I itch to keep moving, but the joy on his face and his laughter slows me down.

Then we are off to get a cookie; a really BIG cookie. We eat the cookie as we browse the offerings of the local vendors and farmers. Sometimes we pick up some fruit, or some veggies and sometimes I score and get flowers. Tonight the tuberose were sweetly scenting the air.

We swing into Starbucks, get a cup of something and use the potty before the walk back to the car.

Edited to add:
I just found out that Kerry is hosting a Farmer's Market Report. I'm submitting this post, however in full disclosure I have to admit that no produce was purchased on this particular outing. Lot's of fun was had, but no produce.

To read reports of Farmer's Markets around the country, skip on over to Kerry's To Every Meal There is a Season.


  1. We love going to the Farmer's Market, too! :) We go every Sunday after church. Ours doesn't sell ribs, though! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Seriously, RIBS? That's great! Your farmer's market looks like a fun place!

    I'm hosting a "Farmer's Market Report" Mr. Linky. Maybe you'd like to submit this post? Come on by and check it out:

    ps. I enjoyed reading your Daybook entries, too!

  3. Thanks for your submission to the Farmer's Market Report! I'll have the next Report up at 10am on this Sat. - Aug 23rd. Hope to see you again!

    By the way - I think it is awesome just to see what kind of fun people are having at farmer's markets across the country - whether or not they are buying produce.