Sunday, October 21, 2007

Marvelous Monday

I have a couple of things that I post on Mondays so I thought I'd combine them together.

First the menu...

Monday - Zucchini Soup - Croutons - Salad (Chicken Nuggets for Grom)

Tuesday - Bread Soup (we will eat it this week!) - Salad

Wednesday - cKc and Bible Study - BBQ Chicken Sandwiches - Cucumber Salad

Thursday - Chicken Olive Soup (I'm making this one up as I go - using up leftovers) - Spinach Salad

Friday - Fish and a Movie Night if we're alone.
Chicken Tacos if guests come.

Saturday - Harvest Party - Macaroni and Cheese
Surferman will make pizza that night.

Sunday - My folks are cooking "Sunday Family Dinner"

A Commitment to Loveliness is about increasing feminity and beauty in our lives. I think of it as a way to make my life more pleasant and prettier. My number is from when I started a few weeks ago.

1. Clean out and organize the drawers on Grom's bed.
4. Spiff up guest bathroom.
7. Have a tea party with Grom and Gigi.
8. Pack Surferman's lunch 3 times this week - add love notes.
9. Organize Gigi's bathroom drawers.

I guess I need to introduce Gigi. Gigi is my 90 year old grandmother. She is a piece of bread if I'm of the Sandwich Generation. I feel blessed (usually) to be able to be her girl.


  1. Chicken and olive soup sounds adventurous! Thanks for posting the loveliness link - I will be checking that out!

  2. Looks like a tasty week ahead

    Happy Monday

  3. what a delicious meal plan this week!! Sounds so yummy!

  4. I love all the soups! Mmmmm!