Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Easy M&M Costume and How To Use Halloween to Spread the Gospel

I know that there a hundred different ways to celebrate, ignore, deal with Halloween as a Christian. Here's what we're doing / have done this year.

For the past few years we have attended a Harvest Costume Party with some other families from church. It's always great fun. Surferman gets into it and loves to wear a costume with Grom. This year we were M&M's. It was an easy costume, comfortable and well received.

Here are our shirts. I found a font that looked the M&M's "m" and expanded it to full size for Surferman and mine's shirts. For Grom, I made the m fill half a page. I printed them out and then cut them out of adhesive backed felt. The felt was less than $1.50/ sheet. We used shirts that we already had. The adhesive on the felt held well and the m can be pulled off when costume season is over.

We have Calvary Kids Club on Wednesday night. Grom is supposed to dress up as a Bible character. I'm going to make him a coat of many colors and he'll be Joseph.

At home we'll be passing out these to any kids who stop by. It's a poem with the Gospel. Redeem the day. Don't let Satan blow out your light - even for just a day.


  1. Wow those are awesome! I pray that God will use these to speak to the the hearts that these come in contact with.

    Have a GREAT day Robin!

    JOYfully in Him,

  2. What a wonderful way to share the gospel with others. I like this idea, thanks for sharing