Sunday, October 07, 2007

What's for Dinner - Week of October 8th

It looks like we are getting rid of the freezer and the fridge in our utility room and replacing it with one fridge/freezer combination. I'm going to be losing some storage, but I store too much food. This will be a good thing. For now, I'm working on eating up our stockpile.

Here's what we're eating for dinner this week...

Monday - Tomato and Bread Soup - Spinach Salad

Tuesday - From the Freezer Leftover Soup (Turkey Taco Meat, Mexican Rice, Bean Broth, Pork Broth, and ???) - Green Salad

Wednesday - cKc and Bible Study - Turkey Cheddar Panini - Tomato Soup

Thursday - Farmer's Market. We skipped it last week.

Friday - Fish and a Movie Night - last week we bought salmon patties from Trader Joe's. They were delicious.

Saturday - Surferman, Grom and I are serving at my parents 10th annual golf tournament. We'll work for food.

Sunday - Dinner with my folks

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  1. Ohh the panini sounds soo good, so does that tomato soup! Mmm! Have a great week!


  2. your menu plan sounds delicious!! Have a great week

  3. Sounds like a great week!!

    I can totally relate to storing too much food. I posted last week that we seem to have a hobby of grocery shopping. That is one thing I am working on along with cutting back on eating out!!

  4. Great menu! Paninis are just soo good. Have a nice week!

  5. The soup recipe sounds delicious! I love soup, especially in the Fall!

  6. I'm working on not storing as much food as well.

    Your menu sounds delicious! Have a wonderful week.

  7. We need an all stand up freezer!!! for better storage. Paninis LOVE EM!! wish we had a farmers market close!! happy eating

  8. Great menu, everything looks yummy!

    Menu Plan