Monday, October 15, 2007

What's for Dinner - Week of October 15th

It's all about leftovers and cleaning out the freezer and pantry this week.

Monday - Leftovers : tri tip - chicken - beans - macaroni salad - garlic bread - fruit salad

Tuesday - Leftovers : bbq chicken sandwiches - salad

Wednesday - cKc : sausage and zucchini sandwiches - salad

Thursday - Tomato and Bread Soup (didn't get made last week) - spinach salad

Friday - fish and a movie night : salmon patties - rice - zucchini

Saturday - Surferman's Pizza - salad

Sunday - I'll figure it out when it gets closer


  1. Hey we are having salmon croquettes also this week, we love them... though not their lingering fishy smell.

    What is Surferman's pizza?

    Everything looks great!


  2. My husband has decided to become an excellent pizza maker. He has made us pizza every Saturday night for a few weeks now. He's getting better and better. He loves pizza and this is easier on our budget.