Sunday, October 07, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

So it's not Saturday... I should get points (whatever they're good for) for picking myself up and getting back to them.

I was a lot of talk and not much action last week. Please pray for me. I want to be disciplined and diligent, but I get distracted so easy.

Habit 7 - Wear earrings daily - HABIT!

Habit 6 - Lotion feet nightly - My feet are so calloused and dry that I probably don't need shoes.

Habit 5 - Write down all food eaten and post on the refrigerator. Evaluate food list for healthier choices in the future and ways to avoid problem eating.- Umm... yeah, this needs work.

Habit 4 - Daily, early morning devotion time. I want to be out of bed at 5:45 am every morning for 45 minutes with my Lord for reading of the Word, prayer and book study. - I've been better this week. I'm making it up early about 5 out of 7 days. I have 36 days to catch up with my Daily Bible Reading Plan for the year.

Habit 3 - Lights out by 11 pm nightly. - See habit #4

Habit 2 - Drink 3 qts of water daily. Back to baby stepping - goal is 2 qts this week.

Habit 1 - Wash my face every night. I'm amazed at how fast this habit feel off. And my skin shows it.

My plan for this week is to regroup and work on these habits FOR REAL. If you want to be inspired by the great job gals are doing with their habits, go check Smart Habit Saturdays hosted by Lara the Lazy Organizer.


  1. Still working on my habits too. Good luck with yours. :)

  2. I say you can post about your habits whenever you have the time to do so =) !! I am still working on some I have been trying to establish since January!

    Good luck!