Sunday, October 21, 2007


We have a large leather recliner that has become Dr. Grom's hopsital bed. (That's not a spelling error. It's the too cute way that Grom says hospital).

Lately he plays hopsital anytime he can find a willing patient.

Here are some things you need to know about being a willing patient...
1) You must moan and groan and act really sick.
2) Ask Dr Grom if he can help you.
3) Be willing to be reclined so far in a recliner that you feel like you'll slip off head first.
4) Quickly come up with a physical ailment that can be quickly cured with lots of shots.
5) Act very very brave when after your physical examination, Dr Grom pronounces you need shots to be cured. Bonus points for whimpering.
6) Suggest diagnostic procedures that Dr. Grom might have missed - don't let him forget to take you blood pressure.
7) Don't flinch when the "doctor" tools get combined with the "construction" tools and Dr Grom decides he has to saw off you foot because you need a transplant.
8) Make a speedy recovery when Dr Grom takes your temperature and it reads a happy face.
9) Ask how much you owe him just to hear him say, "It's free! I'm a humanitarian Doctor"

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