Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How did I miss Monday?

I've been floundering for the past few days without a plan. Here's what we've eaten the past few days and what the rest of the week looks like.

Monday - Ham and Cheese Risotto - Spinach Salad (with cranberries, feta cheese and pecans)

Tuesday - Easy Ravioli Bake - Broccoli - Green Salad

Wednesday - BBQ Chicken Chili - Cornbread

Thursday - Crockpot Chicken with Stuffing - Green Beans

Friday - Fish and a Movie Night

Saturday - Surferman's Pizza Night

My Commitment to Loveliness wasn't much of a commitment last week.

I'm back with the same tasks this week.
1. Clean out and organize the drawers on Grom's bed.
4. Spiff up guest bathroom.
7. Have a tea party with Grom and Gigi.
8. Pack Surferman's lunch 3 times this week - add love notes.
9. Organize Gigi's bathroom drawers.

And then there's my 101 list... I've noticed a few others making their lists - Javamama and Sarah. Do you have a list too? I'm down to 814 days. I should get to checking some things off.

Here's one I'll work on this week - 3. Memorize Psalm 8

Any interest in posting weekly about our adventures with our lists? We can root each other on.

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