Tuesday, October 02, 2007

(Need something to) Work for Me Wednesday - Earrings

One of my Smart Habits has been to wear earrings daily. I've been doing a good job and have even purchased a few new pairs.

But they are a mess of tangled stuff in a little box.

My organized mind can't handle it.


I don't really want them on display but I'd like to be able to see them all and get to them easily.

How do you keep your earrings organized? Do you have a great jewelry box that you recommend? Or something you've recycled? Let's hear some ideas...


  1. My sister had a great idea of recycling my son's used Gerber baby food containers to create rows of little bins for each piece of jewelry she owns. She keeps all of them in a drawer in her bathroom.

    When she goes on a trip, she just puts lids on the one she wants and throws it in a bag.

    Yeah, the plastic containers... back before we knew better (i.e. last week):-P

  2. I put them through sturdy pieces of paper. Cut them to squares or something that would fit in your box. Punch the post through the paper, and attach the back on the other side.

    You can keep your pairs together without them getting lost or damaged this way. Hope this helps!

  3. Great question! Can't wait to hear what other people suggest. I have a little plastic box that I snagged from my daughter. It's meant to hold craft supplies. It has eight dividers. I separate out the earrings in the different compartments and then hang my dangly (sp??) ones along the edges. I really love it although I need a bigger one. I'd like to put some hooks nearby to hold necklaces.

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  4. This is easy! I bought some ice cube trays at the dollar store and keep them in my top drawer. I put the necklace in one side and the earrings in the other. Love it!

  5. Yowzers that Lazy Organizer has the best ideas! I did see a nice idea to frame a small piece of screen and hang the earings on the screen. But, that would be something that was on display.

  6. I now have a fancy-schmany jewelry organizer (received as a gift), but I used to use an embroidery floss organizer. It has many separate compartments and a snap on lid to keep every thing contained. You can find one in the craft section at Walmart.

  7. I went down to my local craft store and bought a few bead organizers, they look something like this:

    They work perfectly to keep each pair of earrings seperated but the whole lot together.

  8. Ooo, I think it depends on how many pairs you have and what kind they are.

    I have lots of amall studs (well...about 8 - 10 pairs) so I just lump them all together in a small jewellery box.

    I have some hanging earrings which I keep on hooks. No need to get fancy - chop a coouple of nails on the inside of your wardrobe door and drape them over there. Or hang them on a martini glass (I blogged this some months ago).

    I do like the ice-cube trays (if you have that much space in your drawers) but I tend to advise going vertical with this kind of storage.

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  9. I keep my earrings in the card they come in, and then I put jewelry pieces that go together in ziploc bags, which all live quite happily together in a small drawer in my dresser. The best part about this, which I discovered quite by accident, is how simple it is to grab some jewelry to pack for a trip! Sets are already together in the baggie, so I stick a baggie or two in my purse and I'm set for my trip.

  10. I collect earrings. One solution was the ice trays, the other solution I found for the nicer ones that I enjoy displaying: I took an old picture frame, removed the glass/plastic and matting, and stapled a wire screen (almost like a bug screen) to the back and hung it up. Most of the ones in the display are chandelier earrings that have hooks. I keep the backs in an ice tray.

  11. I had Jane's Idea. At Walmart, they sell a screen that is made for small windows. Hang that in your closet. The earrings go in so easily, especially if they do not require backs.
    I also have a small fishing tackle box in my drawer for those with backs. This is great when traveling because they do not mix up!

  12. LOVE the Lazy Organizer!!!

    I'm using a bead organizer I got from Walmart craft dept right now.

  13. I keep mine on ribbon that is about 2.5 inches wide. I put the pairs on side by side and then they just hang on it. You can either put the ribbon up somewhere for you to see (room or bathroom) or it can go in drawer. It's cheap and easy!

  14. I was going to suggest ice cube trays, too. I ahven't actually done it yet, but I've read that idea before and keep thinking I need to try it.

  15. I used to sell Premier Designs jewelry and I bought a fishing tackle box for about $5 or $6 at Wal Mart. It had four pull out plastic trays and they supply little plastic dividers that you can divide the tray however large or small that you need the compartments. I lugged around over 100 pieces of jewelry this way. Another thing that I did so that it did not get scratched was to put cosmetic cotton pads down in the bottom so that my jewelry would not get scratched by the plastic. It works for me. Even though I do not sell jewelry anymore I still use my containers and I even slide them into my jewelry armoire. An organizer in an organizer! Also, I use these when I travel as well. Hope my info helps!

  16. I have a long small rod of wood hanging at the side of the wardrobe on two cords.
    All the hanging earrings go there.

    The studs are in a box which is large and flat and contains many compartments.

    Works for me.

  17. Let's see...I keep almost ALL of my jewelry in two large tackle boxes - they work wonders! For earrings, though, I use a clear plastic bead box from the craft store. (I like the ice tray idea, too!) You could also go to an jewelry import store (we have them all over the place here), and they usually sell little stands that have a lots of holes for earrings!

    Hope that helps a little bit!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  18. Check out this link... http://www.containerstore.com/search/searchresults.jhtml?search=jewelry&start=1&page=1&searchId=10759282
    I bought the second organizer on the second line. I love it, because it hangs in the closet and I can just pull the earrings out of the pockets. Hope this helps!