Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt Blog Post
- some fun links

Bear Hunt Pattern - clip art pictures to make a lap book

Bear Hunt Video by the author - Grom and I watched this video today. He wanted to watch it 3 times and then declared that the author was too loud. The volume of the computer wasn't very loud, so I think he was referring to his expression which was exaggerated.

Photo Family Tree - I wish we had done this, but it just didn't happen. Maybe next time?

BFIAR has been really hard for me the past few weeks. I can get the go-along books and videos from the library, and make plans for activities, crafts, etc. but if I don't make a plan for each day of the week it's easy for nothing to happen.

I'm glad this is preschool. We both have a lot of learning to do.

edited to add...
Books and Music a Magical Mix - active activities for Bear Hunt as well as recipes for mud.

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  1. I STILL love this book! I love the'action' story, too! (Where you get to act it out with little kids!!!)