Friday, November 25, 2005

In just nine minutes...

I will officially be another year older.

I "gave up" secular music a number of years ago. Sold the entire extensive collection as I considered how the things I expose myself to effect my heart and brain. Afterall, God's word tells us to think about certain things (See Philippians 4:8) .

Still every year a Cracker song - Happy Birthday to Me, comes flooding into my head. It runs around all day and then leaves me alone for another year. I guess I could be haunted by worse songs.

Surferman stole me away for my birthday. Got me out of town and is treating me to a fabulous birthday weekend. Grom is with his grandparents and prayerfully he won't be too mad when we return.

Here I sit in San Francisco - in a beautiful apartment overlooking the city. WOW!

We arrived this morning and seem to have walked ever since. We walked to Chinatown and had Dim Sum for lunch. We walked to the shopping district, window shopped and gathered ideas for Christmas presents. We walked some more and some more. Found a nice place for dinner - The Thirsty Bear for dinner. It's a brewery that serves Spanish Tapas. It was a great dinner. Then the walking ended. Surferman decided we need a taxi to get us back to our place.

A couple of DVDs from our Netflix subscription that we brough along and our evening was complete. We thought about a movie, but at $10.50 each we didn't think long.

Can't wait to see what the morning holds.

Happy Birthday to me!

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