Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thursday Thunks - 3/19/09

Thursday Thunk is a blogging meme that gives you something to blog about. I joined to add to the biographical quality of my blog. Think of it as another way to get to know me.

1. The last flight of stairs you walked up/down - were the carpeted?
Carpeted. Grom and I went to City Rec to look into sports. I don't think he's going to be playing anything organized this Spring.

2. Green or purple grapes?
green grapes... huge green grapes. When I was little my sister and I used to have contests to see who could shove the most grapes in her mouth. I think my dad egged us on.

3. Do you like Peeps?
one or two every Easter.

4. The smell of Vicks - like it?
yep... it's in my fragrance pallet

5. Do you put decorative cling-ons on your windows for different holidays?
No. The scale always seems to small and they never stay on.

6. Finish the sentence - I spent too much money on ________ .
Starbucks... hands down.

7. Which celebrity should be flown into outer space or placed on a desert island?
Tom Cruise.

8. Would you support schools changing the "open" time? Such as 10am - 5pm, for example?
I'd listen if they had a good reason. I think school getting out at 5pm would mess up family dinner time and keep kids up later.

9. Do you go fishing?
Nope. To slow for me.

10. What question should we ask next week?
I googled "list of random questions". Here's some ideas.


  1. Oh, if only there were pics of those grape-eating contests!

  2. Changing school times is an interesting topic. I'm not thrilled about my daughter getting on the bus at 7 am in the dark. But if she started at 10, she'd probably be getting up just as early for sports practices that might need changing from after school to before school. And what would that do to day care, the parents' jobs, teens' jobs (most here have them)? But like I said, it's interesting to consider.

  3. LOL! I like your answers! Especially the one about the grapes.

  4. yeah - Starbucks - always!

  5. Fun hearing your voice via twitter.... hugs - kb

  6. my friends and i wanted to see what the peeps would do if we roasted them over a campfire....

    i might need to try it over my electric apartment burner :D