Sunday, March 15, 2009

I can blog about it now...

A few weeks ago I was expecting my quilting friends. My goal was to entertain from my pantry. I put together a nice spread... BBQ meatballs, stuffed eggs and hummus with veggies. Dessert was a team effort. Surferman and Grom baked the cake and I put it together. It was a lucious lemon icebox cake. I'm sure it was delicious. It was beautiful. I had found some little lemon tissue paper decorations. I was proud.

How does the saying go? Pride goes before a fall...

As I was putting the cake back in the fridge, it slipped right off the cake stand. SPLAT!

Fortunately there were some Girl Scout Cookies in the pantry. And Surferman cleaned it up for me. Surferman rocks!


  1. this is too sad for words.

    i think i would have cried.

    you are a strong woman

  2. I didn't cry. I didn't say bad words.

    Just an anguished scream.

  3. what a big bummer! It happened, not much you can do, but improvise...which of course you did! That's the Lord!