Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DONE #69. Revive my African Violets
DONE #70. Give away my African Violets -except the one in the orange pot (of course)

#1 Zero number 1

2-23 T for Trudeau letter o IMG_5656 O IMG_5564_2

I have amassed quite a collection of african violets. They usually do very well in the window of our bathroom. I have these great pots that water the violets the way they prefer - from the bottom. African Violets are beautiful. You can count on them to bloom and keep blooming. So many pretty colors - purples, pinks, whites.

They should be fool proof. See.. they get great light in the window. I have fertilizer. If you look though, you'll see droop.

And they all looks as pathetic as this one. Lack of water and attention is the problem.

Plants have always been a window to my soul and life. When I'm busy or stressed or depressed my plants suffer. So if I'm not depressed or stressed, I must be stinkin' busy.

I dusted off their pots. Gave them fresh water and fertilizer and moved them (the shelves in the picture are gone due to our remodeling). They are revived and waiting to bloom.

So I waited... and waited... and they didn't bloom.

And then my friend had a garage sale and I gave them to her and she sold them... except for the one in the orange pot. It's on the counter in our new bathroom. And I'm still waiting for it to bloom.

done and done

7 done... 94 to go.

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