Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesdays are Wonderful

(Most) every Wednesday I sneak out of the house early and meet a friend for coffee.  Actually I drink coffee and she watches me drink coffee.  We used to walk when Grom was passive enough to sit in a stroller.  Maybe we'll walk again someday.  Maybe Grom will get better at riding his trike or I'll get up the nerve to duct tape him in a stroller.  Time will tell.

Wednesday morning coffee is one of the bright spots in my weekly routine.  We talk and talk for about an hour and then we go about our days in our separate ways.  We catch up with each other and then head out to new adventures so that we have something to talk about the next week.  It's the best.  She's the best.

I appreciate her because...
she points me to the Word.  
she can (and does) laugh at herself.
I know she is a true confidante.
she doesn't want anything from me.
she truly cares and truly prays. 

I appreciate her because she wants to be more like Jesus.

We are very different.  She's single and fit.  I'm married and not.  She loves dogs.  I love hot dogs.  You get the picture... We don't really have a lot in common except that we both love Jesus. 

It's more than enough.

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  1. Robin, I just tagged you on my blog. I'm dying to see your answers, so let me know!