Saturday, June 14, 2008

Done #11 - Visit Surferman's parents in Washington State

Back in May we visited Surferman's Mom and Step-Bob in Washington state.  We arrived in Anacortes just in time for their annual Waterfront Festival.  We were expecting "Washington weather" - cool, foggy, maybe some rain, instead we were blessed with their warmest day of the year.
There was a lot of fun things to do and see at the festival.

Tons of activities for kids.  Grom was finally old enough to get to do a lot of things.  Grom and his Grandpa built a wood boat.  He got to talk to firemen, policemen, fishermen, and more.

One of the highlights was doing the bungee jump.  When I first saw it I thought it looked really fun but never imagined that Grom would be brave enough to give it a try.  

I  guess all that time in that bounce house at Farmer's Market and his gymnastics class has made him brave. He loved it. He flew at least 30 feet into the air - laughing and smiling the whole time.  

I love this picture of his just his feet.  It makes me smile and remember his loud laugh.

I can now say I've been yachting.  Too bad it's not on my list to 101 Things to Do.  

The local yacht club was giving free cruises.  It was a great ride - there are so many beautiful homes waterfront.  I learned a lot about yachting.  Think RV on the water...

We drove home from Anacortes to Portland, OR to Grants Pass, OR to Fortuna, CA (to visit Uncle Danny) and finally home. 

It was  a great vacation.

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