Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Dozen - 9/22/10

1. Have you, or has someone close to you, ever won an award for anything?
Grom was awarded PAX Leader for his Kindergarten class. I am pretty proud of that.

2. Who is the nearest relative to you who has served in the US Military?
My cousin Sarah's husband Alex is a Marine.

3. Share something that stirs the patriotic spirit in you.
red, white and blue clothes at parades

4. Where are you in the birth order in your family? Do you think your "placement" made a difference in your personality?
I'm a number one. I'm an obvious oldest child.

5. Name one trait you hope you carry that was evidenced in your parents or grandparents.

6. If female, do you prefer wearing a skirt or pants? If male, shirt and tie or polo?
pants. I rarely wear a skirt, but that might be because of my size. Maybe when I lose this weight I'll try some skirts.

7. Approximately how many times do you wake during the night? What do you do to go back to sleep?
I probably wake up 2 or 3 times a night. I check the clock, change my position and usually fall back to sleep rather quickly.

8. Share a favorite movie quote.
Miracle Max from the Princess Bride: Have fun stormin' da castle.
I used to say it every morning when Surferman left for work. If he ever gets a job again, maybe I'll start it up.

9. What is your favorite Fall candle scent?

10. What is one Fall activity you're looking forward to?
going to the apple farm and pumpkin patch

11. Tell us about a pleasant surprise that happened to you recently.
Surferman and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. It happened during a retreat that we were attending for church. Our pastor surprised us with a Tiramisu Cake.

12. What was it like when you first met your in-laws-to-be?
really awkward. They were in bed with the flu. Surferman hauled me home for a mostly cancelled (due to the flu) Christmas Eve celebration. They were in bed most of the night and when they weren't we all wished they'd go back into quarantine.

How is that for random? Thanks to Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee for creating these fun lists of questions each week.

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  1. I like pants too. That's my sons favorite movies. My husband doesn't like vanilla so I can never burn them. Enjoy the rest of your week.