Thursday, September 02, 2010

DONE #51. Complete Family Mission Statement
#52. Design and Frame Family Mission Statement

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It's finally done! It feels like I worked on this for ages.

It was an endeavor. I had to find time with Surferman to talk and pray about it... a few times. It required editing and refinement to make it our won. I designed and formatted it; brilliantly deciding on a legal size paper because there just wasn't enough room on letter sized. And then finding out that it's nearly impossible to buy a premade legal sized frame. Resigning to custom framing only to find one lonely but perfect legal sized frame on the shelf.

I pray we can live up to it.
I first read about Family Mission Statements at Simple Mom. It intrigued me and I thought it was a great idea. I presented the idea to Surferman. He saw the effect it could have on our family to have these things written down... for us to be on the same page. I think of it as the sieve that our life needs to pass through. If something contradicts or conflicts with one of these things we hold dear... now written down... in black and white... well... let's just say it's harder for me to over commit and Surferman has become quicker to pray.

If you'd like to see the complete text, let me know in the comments and I'll email you a copy.

10 down... 91 to go.

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  1. I was looking for Good Night Moon activities for the Spanish group for tots I'm leading- we're going to learn good morning, good night, etc, so we're reading Buenas Noches Luna tomorrow. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your 2007 blog post on GNM!

    Emily/Miss Mommy