Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister!

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Yikes, my younger sister is going to be 40 soon. I remember when we were little kids.

One of Beth's friends arranged a 40 Days of Beth Celebration. 40 of Beth's closest friends are each doing something every day for her for 40 days around her birthday.

Today is my day.

I've been trying to think of something creative and fun to give her. Something chocolate? nah...

How about 3 3 reasons Beth is great?
  1. She loves the number 33. She's committed to it.
  2. Chip married her.
  3. Girly #1 - Beatrice (in no particular order).
  4. Girly #2 - Maggie
  5. She's a great mommy.
  6. She loves Jesus.
  7. She runs (and is the only person in our family who does).
  8. She reads Newsweek cover to cover - every week and she has for years.
  9. She knows what she likes.
  10. She has great taste.
  11. and a kooky retro style.
  12. She is able to say no to our parents.
  13. She has a wicked sense of humor
  14. and is really quick.
  15. She calls for cooking advice.
  16. She loves Grom.
  17. She makes cool baby gifts -
  18. bibs,
  19. burp cloths and
  20. hooded towels.
  21. She's pretty.
  22. She's loyal.
  23. She is frugal.
  24. She knows how to play the "Guess how much I paid for this" game.
  25. She collects heart shaped rocks.
  26. She likes chocolate
  27. and Cup of Noodles...
  28. not together.
  29. She's smart and
  30. always up for a good discussion.
  31. She's a great friend (I doubt you could find 40 people to do such a thing for me.)
  32. She reads my blog.
  33. And will forgive me if I've forgotten an obvious reason she's great.
Happy Birthday Beth! I love you.

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  1. Hey Thanks! All true. You forgot to put how humble I am. You are nice and I love you. -beth