Monday, June 01, 2009

Daybook June 1, 2009

FOR TODAY... Monday June 1, 2009. Can you believe it's June already?

Outside My Window... dark. It was a busy day.

I am thinking... that I might throw this computer across the room if it doesn't start working better. I installed an update and I'm having all kinds of issues. I feel hobbled when my calendar doesn't work right.

I am thankful for... Redbox free Mondays.

From the kitchen... my sister made yummy yummy pulled pork BBQ sandos.

From the schoolroom...planning for summer. I filled out the paperwork for Grom to go to our local public school. I'm going to try schooling him through the summer to see if I can homeschool with my work schedule. If we can make it work this summer, we will give it a shot in the fall. Pray for us.

I am wearing... black pants, kelly green tee, black shoes

I am creating... I've been playing with Photoshop to help my sister with a project for the Girlies 1st birthday party in a couple of week. I don't know the program very well, so it has been a steep learning curve.

I am going... to make a huge pot of organic vegetable soup tomorrow.

I am reading... The Runaway Quilt still. I just read a little bit before bed, so it can take me a long time to get through a book.

I am hoping... that my friend stays healthy until her baby boy is ready to come.

I am hearing... Paul Blart Mall Cop - Surferman and I are watching. So far... so bad.

Around the house... my studio is a crazy mess. We have set a garage sale date (June 20th) and it's time to clean house. We're hoping to go to Disneyland with our proceeds.

One of my favorite things... our bedroom since we got new bedding and decluttered. Our bed makes me happy.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Mommy and Me, Ice Cream Social and Graduation at Grom's school (I sure hope they don't do the cap and gown thing). Apple One to One lesson, and a baby shower at my house on Saturday!

Here is picture I am sharing...The Girlies in dresses that Grandma knit on teeny tiny needles.

How you can be praying for me and mine... I have a lot going on, a lot to do and time is always limited. Surferman and I are also trying to make time every morning to have coffee together before we get our days started. Pray that we are consistent about it. Grom has admitted to being "sneaky". Pray for his heart and wisdom in correcting him.

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  1. those girls are getting so big, and 1st birthday? already? jeez.

    Did you get the prints I sent out? hopefully they made it safe and sound :)