Monday, October 12, 2009

The Sugar Free Challenge - October 12

The week of the challenge is over.

I can't say it was a success, but it was eye opening. Often I realized that I had eaten "sugar" after the fact. It was frustrating.

I did a good job of looking for HFCS. I think I avoided it completely... well until today when I had a Pepsi (actually about 6 ounces of a bottle - I tossed the rest). My Pepsi addiction is waning.

I will continue working on avoiding refined sugar.

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  1. Congratulations Robin!
    Something that worked for me when I had to 'cold turkey' quit drinking Dr Pepper. I would miss the fizzy drink so I would get sparkling water, make a concentrated version of my favorite tea, and maybe a little juice(100% juice) that would compliment the tea flavor... and have my very own 'soda' You can leave out the juice especially with the fruit flavored herbal teas.